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Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Storage and management solution for IP CCTV system
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CCTV systems with analog cameras can be implemented in two ways:
  • standalone Digital Video Recorder (DVR) performing all functions associated with video monitoring
  • surveillance video capture card - usually PCI card that allows to use the PC similarly to a DVR.
IP video surveillance systems are also based on two main solutions. In both cases the systems often use resources of PCs, but are managed by different kinds of software. The first kind is various software supplied with the IP cameras. Such proprietary software supports only products of the manufacturer and usually provides some basic functions. The second kind is professional, multi-purpose software with advanced functions and extensive lists of supported devices from many manufacturers. This category of software dominates professional IP CCTV systems.
Software Package: ACTI NVR 32
Operational requirements for CCTV systems
ULTISYSTEM - integration of analog cameras and IP devices <br />into one system
ACTi firmware
Professional NUUO
surveillance suite
Professional ULTISYSTEM
surveillance suite

Hybrid systems
The professional systems can cooperate with surveillance video capture cards. It allows to utilize the existing analog cameras within IP network and perform central management both over analog and IP cameras.
NUUO PCI card for hybrid solutions
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
The equivalent of DVR in analog system is NVR in IP CCTV system. It is a standalone device enabling management of IP cameras and recording of their video streams. Configuration of the system includes the process of assigning IP addresses.
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-2040
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080
4-ch NVR NUUO NV-2040
8-ch NVR NUUO NV-4080
An important difference between a standard DVR and a standard NVR is the maximum resolution of recorded images. NVRs are capable of recording megapixel images - it is an indispensable functionality of modern video surveillance systems. DVR-based systems can record video of maximum resolution of 720 x 576 pixels (PAL) i.e. they do not support megapixel cameras.
However, the basic difference lies in architecture - analog solution requires dedicated point-to-point coaxial cabling (between each camera and DVR input). In IP system all cameras are connected to the NVR via Ethernet network. The distances between the cameras and NVR are not significant - the only requirement is adequate bandwidth of the network.
Basic architecture with NVR and IP cameras in LAN:
Basic LAN-integrated IP CCTV system
Live monitoring and management is performed via client terminals connected to any points of the network:
IP CCTV system with client in LAN
Extended LAN-integrated IP CCTV system
Video surveillance suites and hybrid cards allow to control the system with managing or client software, as well as via Internet browser (Internet Explorer). NVRs are remotely managed via PCs with suitable software or Internet browser.

Client applications in integrated systems can manage IP cameras, PCI cards, and NVRs. Integrated solutions are preferred in large, distributed video surveillance systems that should enable the users to perform desired operations without a need of analyzing physical or logical structure of the systems.
Hybrid IP CCTV system
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