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Megapixel video surveillance system
at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
CCTV system at Plac Nowy in Krakow
Plac Nowy (New Square) in Krakow is a place frequented by tourists from around the world and a very fashionable place for socializing. The popularity of this site sometimes has its disadvantages, including frequent violations of the law. With this in mind, the area management company decided to mount CCTV cameras. Installation works were carried out by "SCAZI" company from Krakow.
Screenshots from the system monitoring Plac Nowy
Due to the limitations imposed by the conservator and bearing in mind that the square area will soon be completely renovated, the installation of the system has been divided into two stages: temporary and destination (after the repair of the square). Since the observation of the large area at the present moment can only be conducted from remote locations, the optimum solution has been use of megapixel day/night cameras - the only kind that is able to provide good image quality in such conditions. Other important factors in selection of IP cameras have been scalability of the system and easy implementation of the IP network infrastructure.
The system employs 5 megapixel cameras ACTI ACM 5611 - K1512 and two 1.3 Mpx dome cameras ACTI ACM 7411 - K1313
Due to specific conditions, the video data from some cameras are transmitted wirelessly in 5 GHz band. The system contributes to improving security in the area. It has already gained the recognition of the city police. In the future some cameras will be installed on special poles around the rotunda, allowing to use the full potential of megapixel cameras.