Mastro Antena Aço 38mm/3m

Código: E903830
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O mastro de aço galvanizado a quente de 3 m de comprimento é feito de um tubo de 38 mm de diâmetro com uma parede de 1,5 mm de espessura. O processo de galvanização a quente garante resistência à corrosão e durabilidade a longo prazo.
Peso do mastro: 3,98 kg
Connecting masts into a single permanent whole
Mastro Antena Aço (1.0m, diam. 38mm, galvanizado a quente)
Os relevos especiais na ponta permitem conectar elementos.
The mast is designed to form an element of a larger whole. A special embossing at the tip makes it possible to connect two elements: one segment should be driven into another so that their embossings overlap by 12 cm. Once the segments are joined together, they cannot be disassembled.
Being able to join masts together is particularly important because:
  • it enables cheap and easy shipment (delivering a long mast is often very expensive or impossible),
  • shorter elements are much easier to transport by car and take up to the roof,
  • it makes it possible to adjust mast height to specific needs.
The maximum height of the composite mast depends on:
  • the selected safety coefficient,
  • the weight and surface area (wind resistance) of suspended elements,
  • the antenna arrangement (larger antennas should be placed at the bottom),
  • the type and rigidity of the wall/chimney clamp,
  • the type and number of additional anchoring clamps.
Dois mastros de 3 m unidos
The following masts can be combined in any configuration:
  • E903820 Mastro de antena de aço (2.0 m/38 mm)
  • E903830 Mastro de antena de aço (3.0 m/38 mm)


Tipo de Produto Mastro
Material Aço
cobertura de trança Galvanização por imersão a quente
Sistema de união de mastro B
Comprimento m
Diâmetro mm 38
Espessura da parede mm
Peso kg