Código: G7043
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GSM Notification and Control Module: ROPAM BasicGSM-PS 2
View of the BasicGSM-PS 2 module
GSM Notification and Control Module: ROPAM BasicGSM-PS 2
View of the opposite side
GSM Notification and Control Module: ROPAM BasicGSM-PS 2
The included accessories
BasicGSM-PS 2 is a newer version of the BasicGSM-PS module, dedicated for integration with control panels, controllers, relays, etc. via binary inputs and outputs. The terminal is also equipped with two analog inputs for cooperation with e.g. temperature sensors, and with LogicProcessor providing advanced logic functions allowing for the implementation of home automation systems. All these features combined with an embedded GSM communicator allowing for control of outputs make the module a universal notification and control device suitable for very wide range of applications. The module can be controlled via Android smartphones running dedicated RopamDroid and RopamBasic apps. They provide access to the current status and information on any failures, enable monitoring, control and blocking of inputs, control of groups of outputs, monitoring and control of temperature thresholds etc. A suitable rechargeable battery connected to the module will support its operation in the case of a power failure.

The module has been equipped with microUSB port for configuration and update purposes. The programming of the module can be performed locally or with with the use of BasicGSM Manager app. The configuration is also possible via SMS commands (to a limited extent).
  • built-in GSM/GPRS (2G) modem,
  • SMS/VOICE/CLIP/E-MAIL/GPRS notifications,
  • 8 phone numbers and 8 email addresses for notifications and control,
  • 8 binary inputs, including 2 binary/analog inputs (I7-I8),
  • 4 outputs,
  • 1 power supply output (AUX),
  • control of outputs via SMS, CLIP, DTMF, RopamBasic, alarm events, LogicProcessor,
  • advanced LogicProcessor application:
    • advanced logic functions, arithmetic functions, counters, timers,
    • 10 independent logical conditions (if-then-else blocks),
    • 10 time relays for time-logic functions,
    • 4 calendar timers,
  • mobile applications:
    • RopamBasic (Android, IOS) for online control via GPRS and RopamBridge server,
    • RopamDroid (Android) for control via SMSes,
  • GPRS monitoring (cooperation with RMS server or encrypted Kronos NET TCP/IP communication; two IP addresses, redundant SMS transmission, parallel operation with SMS/VOICE notification),
  • VOICE/CLIP (independent voice connection providing voice messages (speech synthesizer) for communicating system events; listening function,
  • SMS: independent messages for events in the system,
  • connectivity tests: SMS, SMS STAN, CLIP, email,
  • option to upload and play 8 voice messages,
  • support for USSD codes (prepaid SIM cards, service modification) via RopamBasic/SMSes,
  • alarm module (burglar alarm functions),
  • remote programming via GPRS (RopamBridge server),
  • detection of GSM jamming, reporting and registering output states,
  • optical indication of GSM signal level and activity,
  • FAC power testing input (e.g. of alarm panel),
  • temperature measurement via TSR-x sensors, GSM thermostat,
  • register of 1000 events with an overwrite function,
  • nanoSIM tray
  • microUSB port for local programming,
  • power: 17 VAC, 12V/2A buffer power supply.
  • electronic burglar alarm systems,
  • home automation systems,
  • programmable time relays,
  • monitoring and control via GSM network,
  • monitoring and control of temperature,
  • monitoring and control of a required parameter (via suitable sensor connected to 0-10 V analog input),
  • control and supervision of power grid systems,
  • access control systems,
  • remote control of various processses,
  • integration with audio systems of intercoms / door entry systems,
  • SMS modem for simple PLCs.
24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.

The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees to extend the warranty for selected devices (according to the terms of the warranty included with a product) for the next 24 months in the case of sending an application including copies of the sales document and invoice from the installation company. The equipment should be installed only by professionals - the installation company must be recommended by the manufacturer or at least its scope of activities must include installation of electrical systems, which should be confirmed by a license.
Name BasicGSM-PS 2
Code G7043
Binary inputs
6 (I1-I6, NO/NC)
Binary/analog inputs
2 (I7-I8, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA)
Relay output 1 (O1, 1A @ 30V/DC / 50V/AC)
Low-current outputs (OC)
3 (O2-O4, 700mA @ 30V/DC)
Power supply output (AUX)
1 (12 VDC / 1 A)
Connector for connecting TSR-1 temperature sensor  T1
Connector for connecting voice synthesizer / audio module
1 (VSR-1, VSR-2,
AMR-1, VAR-1)
Logic functions LogicProcessor
FAC input
Supply voltage
16 ÷ 20 VAC, min. 30 VA
20 ÷ 28 VDC, min. 0.7 A
Power supply output (AUX)
13.8 VDC, max. 20 W (1.5 A)
DC power failure signaling threshold
U < 11 V
Rechargeable battery
12 V, 1.2...12 Ah (VRL/SLA)
Battery charging current
 Ibat= 0.3 A (max)
AUX out and battery protection
undervoltage: Ubat<10.0 V (+/-5%),  against reverse polarity, short circuit (resettable 1.6 A PTC)
Current consumption (module)
40 mA / 50 mA / 300 mA (min/avg/max)
 Built-in modem GSM/DCS/EGSM
GSM modem
Quectel M66 (Quad-Band, GPRS class 10, CSD); GSM jamming detection
GSM bands 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Transmission options
SIM standard
Programming interface
GSM antenna connector
Operating environment class: II
temp.: -10°C...+55°C
RH: 20%...90%, no condensation
Terminals AWG: 24-12
Dimensions 68 x 87 x 32 mm
Weight 90 g


Modelo BasicGSM-PS 2
Marca Ropam
Tipo de Produto Módulo universal
Compatibilidade Universal
Número de números de notificação 8
No. de entradas 8
analógico 2
Nº de saídas 4
°C 3
relé 1
Saída de energia AUX 1
Possibilidade de operação autónoma Sim
Transmissão de dados GPRS/GSM
Número de slots para cartão SIM 1
Tensão de alimentação DC V 20 – 28
AC V 16 – 20
Baterias suportadas 12 V, 1.2 Ah – 12 Ah (VRL/SLA)
Corrente standby consumida DC mA 40
Consumo máximo de corrente DC mA 300
Capacidade de carga das saídas OC DC mA 700
DC mA 30
Capacidade de carga das saídas analógicas DC mA 4 – 20
Capacidade de carga das saídas de relé DC mA 1000
DC V 30
Capacidade de carga de saída AUX DC A 1
DC V 12
Classe ambiental conforme EN50130-5 II
Temperatura de operação °C -10 ...+ 55
Máx. umidade 20 – 90
Dimensões mm 68 × 87 × 32
Peso kg