Código: F1303
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The rH-D1S2LR module integrates dimmer and two potential free contact inputs. The module communicates wirelessly with the system (server) and controls the load connected to 230 VAC power network.
The module has two physical inputs for connecting two monostable contacts and dimmer output. The load of the output can be resistive (incandescent lamps), inductive (AC motors and transformers) and capacitive (fluorescent lamps). Power control in the range of 0-100% is carried out on the basis of phase modulation, with switching off synchronized with zero crossings of the current. The rH-D1S2LR module is particularly suitable for control of lighting, fan, aquarium heater etc.
Symbol in design and configuration software:
The rH-D1S2LR module is represented by object that consists of one channel reading information about the state (on/off) and power level from four inputs. The assigned algorithm determines the maximum power read from all inputs and controls the connected device (lamp or other load) in compliance with the start/stop times and attributed power levels. The confirmed status of each dimmer channel is provided on its output as a feedback. The element also has two inputs and two outputs, separate for each physical input. Shorting or opening a contact changes the logic state at the corresponding output (0/1).

Name F&Home Radio rH-D1S2LR
Code F1303
Power 230 VAC / 50 Hz
RF communication band [MHz] 868
Communication mode
Data encryption YES
Open space range
300 m
Load 120 W (capacitive load)
180 W (resistive load)
Smooth switching-on (increasing power from 0 to a set value)
0.2 s ... 30 s
Inputs 2x (for monostable contacts)
Closed-contact current [mA] 1
Operating temperature range 0ºC ... 45ºC
Operating humidity / environment
<= 85% (no condensation of
water vapor) / no aggressive gasses
Protection measures
1 A current limiter;
overload (overheating)
Dimension [mm] 48x48x22
Ingress protection rating
IP 20


F&HOME RADIO integrates electrical installations in such a way that the processes of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, alarm and access control form one efficient system - all for the safety and comfort of the residents. With wireless two-way communication between the central unit (server) and both sensors and actuators, software solutions, as well as remote control of the system that can performed by the users in many ways, the system allows them to manage home energy resources in a manner appropriate to their needs.
In practice, this means the ability to integrate electrical appliances in such a way that a hand gesture can create a romantic light scene in the living room and bedroom, pull down the shutters or blinds and adjust the interior temperature, for example. The option of remote control via the Internet ensures that even after our return from a long journey we are welcomed by the house as if we have never left.


Nome Módulo RH-D1S2LR
Tipo de Produto Transmissor, Relé, Dimmer
Sistema F&Home Radio
Montagem Caixa de entrada
Tipo de transmissão Bidirecional
Frequência MHz 868
Aplicações interior
Número de relés 1
Parâmetros de relé força maxima W 120 (para cargas capacitivas), 180 (para cargas resistivas)
Número de transmissores 2
Parâmetros do receptor número 1 (dimmer)
Fonte de energia tensão VAC 230
Gama m 300
Classificação de proteção IP20
Dimensões mm 48 × 48 × 22